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Nu Wave Bamboo SUP 10'4"
Nu Wave Bamboo SUP 10'4"
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Board Dimensions (SPECIAL 10'4" BOARD WITH CARBON PADDLE $1099.00)

Nu Wave Standup Paddleboards come in a variety of dimensions designed to suit all ages, abilities, and body types. The larger boards are 10’4″ and offer more stability – these are our most popular boards. We also offer smaller, more agile sizes down to 8’0″, designed for smaller or more experienced riders. Ask about our child-sized boards as well!

10'4" 32" 4.75"
10'4" 32" 4.25"
9'9" 31.5" 4.25"
9'2" 31" 4.25"
8'0" 30.75" 4.5"

Our Philosophy

Nu Wave boards are designed to cater to paddlers of all ages, sizes, and abilities. Whether you are looking for a relaxing paddle in the river or the excitement of shredding waves on a SUP, we have a board for you.

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